Best Korean Face Masks

Want the best Korean face mask for your skin?

Whether you want a hydrating or brightening mask, a wash off mask, cleansing and tightening mask you have come to the right place to find out what the best Korean face masks are.

This list includes the most popular and affordable face masks made in South Korea. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they do not work because of their inexpensive price. 

South Korea is the worldwide leader of affordable beauty products that work and that’s why people are going crazy for them!

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off 

A beautiful brightening mask.  This wash off face mask contains rice bran water with rice extracts. This mask moisturizes the skin while brightening the skin tone at the same time. The texture is that of ground rice which very effectively removes dead skin cells and excess oil.  It leaves skin clean, smooth and brighter.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash off 

A great flaky skin remover.  This wash off face mask contains Brazilian black sugar.  It exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and help to reduce black heads and white heads.  It offers deep cleaning and effectively removes oil from pores. 

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask 

This mask is great for tightening the skin. This mask sheet contains real charcoal that attaches to debris on skin and absorbs excess oil.  It contains a high level of minerals and Niacinamide which is a known skin brightening ingredient.  It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine, Beta-Glucan and Ceramide which help hydrate, smooth and tighten your skin.

JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask 10 sheets

Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask (Collagen)   

Great mask for sensitive skin.  Very affordable!  A hypo-allergenic sheet perfect for sensitive skin. This mask sheet infuses your skin with Collagen and Adenosine which works to prevent premature winkling, improve elasticity and packs the skin with nutrients. Leaves skin soft and dewy.

Etude House 0.2mm Air Therapy Mask Collagen How To Use Image

Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask (Snail)   

Another cheap, affordable mask suitable for sensitive skin.   This mask sheet is hypo-allergenic and enables the essence to penetrate deep into the skin.  Snail mucin (sounds terrible!) but very effectively promotes elasticity and smoothness while enhancing your skins barrier.  Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask (Pearl)   

This mask leaves skin soft, bright and beautiful.  One of our favorites. Also suitable for sensitive skin.  It contains Pearl extracts and Niacinamide which help to brighten a dull, sallow complexion. Try it here.

Korean face masks include some shocking ingredients.  Ingredients like snail mucin and charcoal seem like the last thing you would put onto your skin! But they truly do work and are gentle on the skin too.  A weekly face mask can do wonders for your skin.  Often we get into a beauty rut, and keep using the same products over and over.  It does pay to try different products as our skin does get use to what we use and over time the effectiveness of the products can be reduced.  

Korean face masks are affordable and are an easy way to try something new or add 1 new product into your beauty routine with out breaking the bank!

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