Anti Aging Skincare: How To Get Flawless Skin After 40

Anti Aging Skincare: How To Get Flawless Skin After 40

Anti Aging skincare has evolved.  The K Beauty industry has emerged out of South Korea and it has changed the way women all around the world look after their skin. If you are new to K beauty or have never heard about it, common skincare ingredients are snail mucin, bee venom, salmon oil and pearl, as well as herbs, fruit, and vegetable extracts.  Snail mucin, the slimy liquid from snails is surprisingly good for our skin!

France was once considered the global beauty leader, but South Korea has now taken over that position.  With the rise of Gangham style, and K Pop stars with perfect, flawless skin, it has not been hard convincing women to try K Beauty products.

At it is core K Beauty is all about good health, hydrated skin, and bright, glowing skin.

Just about every woman knows the basics when it comes to looking after their skin.

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturise
  • Use sunscreen
  • Be gentle on your skin

After forty, and especially fifty, your skin will need a little more TLC than that to look good.

Menopause and hormonal changes can have a negative effect on your skin.  Woman with skin that was once even toned and smooth, will become red and irritated once their hormone levels change.

Hormone changes can cause skin to suddenly become saggy.  Jowls become prominent and lines become etched into the face.

If you have noticed negative changes in your skin condition, it is unlikely that your skin will go back to how it once was, unless you put more care into your skincare routine.

Simply, you need to put more effort in after forty.


Hydration is an absolute must for glowing skin.  Dehydrated skin makes you look older and worn out.

Drinking a good amount of water daily, will help.

Exfoliation is also key.

Exfoliating removes dead skin from the surface layer of the skin.

Dead skin cells build up over time and makes skin look old, dry, and rough.

As we age skin cell turnover slows down. In babies the skin cell turnover takes around 14 days. In teenagers it takes about three to four weeks. During your thirties it takes about 30 days.   But after 40, and especially after 50 it can take 45 to 90 days.

Exfoliation promotes skin cell turnover.  It is the helping hand your skin needs.  Exfoliating twice a week will help your skin stay hydrated and smooth, which will make it look younger.

Use Anti Aging skincare with effective anti aging ingredients

If you truly want to improve the look and feel of your skin you need to use products that have the right ingredients that help aging skin.

The best anti aging skincare ingredients are:


Hyaluronic Acid, occurs naturally in the body. It acts like a sponge as it can draw in 1,000 times it is weight in water.  The fact that it draws in water means that you need to stay hydrated internally, and that’s why drinking water everyday is important. The combination of drinking water daily and using Hyaluronic Acid will help to plump your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is excellent in creams and serums, and especially effective when used with a treatment such as derma rolling, which can be done at home.


Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B3, and it helps calm inflamed skin.  Whether you suffer with rosacea, redness, or irritation, Niacinamide is great as it is suited to just about all skin types.

It also good to reduce pigmentation and helps to brighten skin.


Retinol, a type of vitamin A, increases the rate of skin cell turn over.  It is included in skin care products in various forms;

Retinyl Palmitate is the lowest strength Retinoid.

Retinol is the most tolerable and next strongest.

Retinaldehyde is stronger than Retinol and formulated to treat acne.

Tretinoin or Tazarotene, are stronger still and are prescribed by a Dermatologist, they work faster but can also be highly irritating.

If you want to improve your skin, start with Retinyl Palmitate or a Retinol based skincare product. Include them in your skin care routine for at least 6 months if no irritation occurs.

Retinol is not a quick fix, but it is highly effective in the long run.


Vitamin C is also a great anti aging ingredient.  It helps to fade sun spots and reduce excess pigmentation in the skin, creating a more even tone.

It is also an antioxidant, which helps neutralize the damage free radicals can cause.  Free radicals break down collagen in our skin which contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin.

Vitamin C can cause sensitivity and lead to irritation, in some people.  If your skin tolerates it, it is a good product to use long term.


You can expect improvements in skin tone, texture, and laxity.  But results take time; the key is to be consistent and patient.

Also be prepared to test a few different products to find what works best for your skin.  You may find that some products are too strong, you may be allergic to some ingredients or some products may not be strong enough.

You will need to work out which Vitamin C or Retinol works for you.  Of course, the strength of Retinol will depend upon your skin condition.  If your skin has no serious issue, you can use Retinyl Palmitate or Retinol.

Hyaluronic Acid is tolerated well and is a MUST HAVE ingredient for aging skin.

You can apply Hyaluronic Acid in a cream, or a serum and use with a Dr Pen or Dermaroller at home.

Remember it may take 45 – 90 days to see better skin, as you need to wait for new skin cells to emerge as the dead skin cells are shed. Think long term, rather than quick fix.

By using products with active anti aging ingredients and following a good skin care routine you can subtly turn back the clock and get flawless skin that you will love.

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The Best Skin Care Routine For Aging Acne Prone Skin – Morning Routine

The Best Skin Care Routine For Aging Acne Prone Skin – Morning Routine

Wrinkles and acne are not a good match, but unfortunately many women struggle with both at the same time.

Acne isn’t only for teenagers.  Some women experience the onset of acne during peri-menopause.

If you try to treat adult acne aggressively you will do more damage than good to your skin.  Battling wrinkles and breakouts requires a gentle skin care routine for aging acne prone skin.

As we age our skin becomes more dry and our wrinkles become more obvious.  If we use a heavy rich cream to combat our wrinkles it can trigger and acne break out.

The key is to follow a skin care regime that targets anti aging but also deals with treating acne at the same time.  It sounds impossible but it can be done with Korean skin care.

When you reach your mid  30’s age your skin gets both drier and oilier.  The oil glands on our faces increase in size which eventually makes our pores larger.  Our skins ability to retain water also decreases, so we become drier much easier.

Here are our top tips for treating aging acne prone skin, make sure to read our morning skin care routine further down the page:

Essence:  Using an essence will help you to treat and heal your skin.   This essence is made from snail secretion and is moisturising and soothing to damaged acne prone skin.



1. Cleanse 

Use a cleanser that is gentle for dry and sensitive skin types.  A cleanser with a pH level of 5.0 – 6.0 is gentle on the skin as the pH level is the same as our skins natural pH level.  This cleanser contains tea tree oil which helps to shrink the size of pores and refines the skins texture.

Do not use a harsh cleanser as it dries out the skin. In return dry skin produces more oil. You will only dry your skin out and trigger an acne break out.

2. Tone

After cleansing use an alcohol free toner that helps to repair the skin barrier and remove dead skin cells.  This toner is gentle on acne prone skin as it contains no drying alcohol, and is suitable for every day use.  Aging skin needs regular exfoliation to encourage new skin cells to come to the surface, so this toner is a win for anti aging acne prone skin.  Also, Salicylic Acid has to stay on the skin to work. A rinse off product won’t work as well as one that stays on the skin during the day or night.Essence

3. Essence

Apply an essence after your toner.  An essence as another layer of product that can help you treat anti aging and acne. This snail essence can help hydrate, replenish and revitalize the skin.  Snail mucin is very effective at hydrating the skin which is what you need as you age.  Many women who use snail products do see that their skin becomes more supple and glowing.

4. Day Cream

You now want to apply a moisturiser to hydrate and lock in the product.  This oil free moisturiser is designed for oily, dry, and sensitive skin; which describes aging acne prone skin to a T.

5. Sunscreen

Now you have to protect your skin to avoid sun damage.  We advise using a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor of 50+.  This sunscreen is excellent for dry, sensitive skin.  It contains Aloe which soothes the skin.  It is not oily and does not leave a white residue on the skin, making it perfect to wear under make up.

The key with aging acne prone skin is to be gentle and have patience.

If you follow a good skin care routine you will definitely see an improvement in your skin.

When you use skincare that is suitable for both acne and anti aging you are on the right path to reaching your goal of having clear and glowing skin.

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How To Get Rid Of Age Spots – 6 Tips To Younger Skin

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots – 6 Tips To Younger Skin

Age spots are due to hyper-pigmentation, and this happens when the skin overproduces melanin. Usually, this occurs in patches or spots on the skin that have been exposed to the sun.

Please be aware that not all age spots are caused by the sun, so it is best to get them checked out by your doctor to make sure it is nothing sinister.

Age spots most commonly appear on the back of hands, the face, forearms, and upper chest area. They are larger and more defined than a freckle. During winter or extended times when you are out of the sun, they may lighten.

What Causes Age Spots?

The number one cause is sun exposure. Many people think that age spots are caused by being old or older. This is not entirely true. Age spots occur over time, and when you are older you have been exposed to the sun more often than a younger person.

Many years of being exposed to the sun’s UV rays means you will more than likely get age spots when you are older.

Age spots are common in people over 40, but young people get them too. Surfers, outdoor workers, and gardeners often have age spots at a younger age, simply because they are out in the sun more often than people of the same age.



An increase in Oestrogen from either being pregnant or on a contraceptive pill may cause age spots if you are exposed to the sun. The hormones don’t directly give you the age spots but make your skin more vulnerable to them appearing after sun exposure.



Unfortunately, some skin types are more likely to get age spots. Those with olive skin who say they never burn still end up with age spots in their older years.



You must wear sunscreen on any skin that is exposed to the sun.

This means you must wear sunscreen on your face, upper chest, back of hands, and forearms. When we drive our cars, our hands are exposed to the sun’s UV rays while we are holding the steering wheel. Over the years our hands will and do show the signs of this extended sun exposure.



With the right products or specialized treatments you can lighten your spots or possibly get rid of them altogether, it just depends on how prominent they are.

1. Use A Scrub

Step one is to use a scrub 2 – 3 times a week. As I have written in previous posts, our skin cells turn over every 28 days when we are young; this is the natural shedding process. Once you are over 40, 50, or 60 this slows down dramatically. Dead skin cells build up and make our skin look dry, aged, and dehydrated. A regular scrub helps to remove the dead skin cells and allows the new skin cells to come to the surface. This makes our skin look softer, fresher, and hydrated.

Scrub your face, neck, upper chest, back of your hands, and forearms. After scrubbing regularly for at least 28 days (remember it takes 28 days for a young person’s skin cells to turn over) you will see an improvement in your skin. If you are 50 plus I recommend scrubbing for at least 4 – 6 weeks to allow the fresher skin to come to the surface, then you will see what the condition of your skin really is.

2. Use Lightening And Whitening Creams

You can fade your age spots over time using lightening creams, serums, and masks. Korean women have flawless skin, and this is because they look after their skin by using lightening and brightening products.

3.Use Face Creams With SPF Sunscreen In Them

Use a separate sunscreen to layer over your everyday moisturizer that you apply to your face, neck, and upper chest. And don’t forget your hands. Our hands are often neglected and can be the first place that age spots appear. Make sure to apply a cream with SPF 30 – 50 in it, to the back of your hands. Keep a cream in the car, so you can apply it regularly.

4.Get Age Spot Treatments By A Doctor Or Trained Professional

You can get a chemical peel or laser therapy to treat the spots. These treatments should be carried out by a trained professional. They will come at a considerable cost and possibly some pain will be felt during the treatment. You also need to allow time for the skin to heal.

  • Chemical Peel
    A chemical peel chemically removes the top layer of skin from your face. Acid is applied to the face which dissolves the top layer of skin. Your skin will peel and be red during and after the peel. The peeling continues for some time and then you see the new, fresher skin after the top layer has peeled off. In some cases, the peel is too intense and permanent damage can occur. Always check reviews of the Doctor you want to carry out the procedure and check they are qualified.
  • Laser And Intense Light Therapy (IPL)
    These types of treatments destroy the melanin-producing cells without damaging the top layer of the skin. Melanin-producing cells are what make the brown spots. You will need multiple treatments to see a result. After some time, a few weeks or months you will see that the age spots start to fade. After the procedure, your skin will be red.

After this type of treatment you cannot go out without sunscreen on your face otherwise you will damage the new skin.

5.Get Age Spot Treatments In A Beauty Salon

In-salon treatments do work but usually, the results are not as fast as a professional medical-grade treatment. The upside is that you will not have to take any time off work and there should not be as much pain or skin peeling.

  • Dermabrasion
    This treatment buffs away the top layer of the skin with either a small brush or tip applicator that blows out diamond crystals that are passed over the skin. This type of treatment will lighten age spots but you will most likely need a course of 10 treatments if your age spots are prominent. During the treatment, there is minor discomfort, but many do not feel any pain whatsoever. Generally, dermabrasion is very good to include in your skincare routine as it is fantastic for the skin.

If you have rosacea or broken capillaries on your face, you may not be suitable to get the treatment done as it could make your skin redness worse.
Please note if you do have a chemical peel, laser, or use a prescription cream, you cannot go out into the sun without sunscreen. The skin is highly sensitive after treatment or using a medical-grade cream. Your Doctor or Cosmeceutical Therapist will tell you what you can and cannot do. You can damage your skin quite badly so you must follow your Doctor’s advice 100%.

If you do not want to get any more age spots you need to wear sunscreen every day and when you are in the sun protect your skin. Do not use tanning beds under any circumstances.

6.Use Products And At-Home Treatments

You can use creams that fade the age spots over time. This is not a quick fix option and you will need to be patient as it takes longer than all the above options. But it is pain-free and costs a lot less than a specialized treatment.

Your Doctor can issue a topical cream to use at home. This type of cream would be classed as a medical-grade product for home use as it is stronger than something that you purchase from a store. You may experience redness, itching, or dryness. If you use a prescription cream you must wear sunscreen when you go out.

You can also use store-bought skincare products that treat age spots. This will take longer to fade your age spots than a chemical peel, or a prescribed cream, but it is far less likely to have any pain, major peeling, or side effects.


Korean women look after their skin from a young age, they follow the Korean skincare routine and use products to help their skin stay clear, blemish-free and even skin tone. Many Koreans look a lot younger than their age and it is due to the good quality and condition of their skin.

Korean skincare products that can help lighten your age spots and even out your skin are:

  1. Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Pads
    This product is a very effective home peel/face scrub. Gauze pads are soaked in product and then applied to the face in a circular motion, removing the dead skin cells. The gauze pad has a smooth and rough side, the rough side helps to exfoliate. The product is available in lemon and green tea, but the wine extracts have a tightening effect on the face which is good for those over 40.
  2. COSRX Mela 14 White Ampule 20ml
    This contains AHA/BHA components and chemicals that help lighten the skin, gradually. It helps to even and brighten your complexion. You apply it under your face cream and sunscreen.
  3. Mediheal White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask 25ml (Pack of 10)
    These once-use masks help to brighten and lighten the skin as well as moisturize the skin. Sheet masks (face masks) are widely used in Korea and are wonderful to treat the skin while pampering yourself.
  4. Neogen Day Light Protection Sun Screen SPF50
    This sunscreen is wearable under makeup and provides a good barrier from the sun’s UV rays. It also contains anti-oxidants and is calming and moisturizing. Most importantly it does not leave a white film on the skin.

Regardless of what treatments you have done or products you use, you must always wear sunscreen on any skin that is exposed to the sun.

After 50 years of age, age spots seem to appear from nowhere.

You really must apply sunscreen and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day or at least stay in a shaded area.
We hope you found how to get rid of age spots helpful.

If you want more anti-aging advice please take a look here

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

BEST KOREAN ANTI AGING SKIN CARE Korea has some of the best anti aging skin care products in the world.  Don’t believe us?  Do a search on South Korean women and take a look at their skin.  40 year old’s look 20 and 30-year-old look like they are still teenagers.  So...


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How To Look Younger At 50 – 5 Tips That Work!

How To Look Younger At 50 – 5 Tips That Work!

We all know that makeup can transform us from drab to fab when we have to go out to a special event.

A good makeup artist and up can make you look like a completely different person.

But what can we do to make ourselves look, and feel better on an average day?

After 50 we can lose confidence in ourselves and feel like it’s a waste of time putting effort into our looks.

We’re all getting older and we can’t stop the passing of time, unfortunately. How to look younger at 50?  Is it possible?  Is it even worth it?

While we can’t actually turn back the clock we can make our skin look better which makes us look more youthful.

No, we can’t be 50 and look like a 30 year-old, but who would really want to look 30 at 50 anyway?

How to get younger-looking skin can be achieved, easily and simply by taking better care of it.  Dry, dehydrated skin does not look good at any age.

Korean women look amazingly young for their age.  They are bought up as kids to value their skin and they spend their lives looking after their skin.

Korea also has some of the best anti-aging skincare products in the world, so is it any wonder they look 10 years younger than their age?

If you are unfamiliar with the Korean skincare routine, we will say that it is more involved than the average skincare routine of the West.  It does use more products and has more steps.  Some of the steps only take 20 seconds to carry out, as it is simply applying a layer of product on top of another layer of product.



The routine is carried out both morning and night. For some, this may be impractical.  And we understand.

If the full Korean skincare 10 step routine is not for you, we suggest adding a few Korean products into your existing routine or doing a modified version of the routine.

The full Korean skincare routine is excellent and you will make your skin look younger and fresher, without a doubt.

Consistency is the key and your efforts will pay off.

Sadly, our skin loses moisture as we age.

Moisturised skin is healthier than dehydrated skin and it looks and feels better.  Not only should you drink a decent amount of water during the day to help you stay hydrated from the inside, but you should also apply moisturiser to your skin to hydrate and plump the surface.


1.Use a separate Day and Night Cream

It is better to use a richer, thicker cream at night.  Most women prefer to use a lighter, less oily day cream as it looks and feels better on the skin.  Our bodies rejuvenate at night and so does our skin.

Nighttime is the best time to apply a rich, cream to help hydrate and repair our skin.  There are many great night creams to look younger at 50.

There is also a special product called a sleeping mask, which is a cream designed to be used only at night.

Sleeping masks are a variation on a night cream, but they do work very well.  There are many brands available online.

Korean women have been using sleeping masks for a very long time, while for us in the West they are a newer concept, we should use them more often as they are so practical.

If you need to add moisture to your skin we strongly advise adding a sleeping mask into your nighttime routine.

We advise that you layer it over the top of your night cream.  Layering products is a standard practice of Korean skincare, that helps keep skin young looking, fresh, and plump.

2.Use Eye Cream If You Have Dark Circles Or Puffiness

Eye creams contain ingredients that help fight puffiness and help to lighten the thinner skin around the eye.  When the skin under our eyes is puffy or very dehydrated, it is very aging and can make you look 10 years older.

Use an eye cream to decrease puffiness, and moisturise the skin for a younger more youthful look.

3.Give Yourself A Pampering Facial At Home

Facials are fantastic, they not only help your skin look younger but make you feel a little bit special too.

You might not be in a position to pay for a weekly salon facial that targets wrinkles and sagging skin, but that’s ok. Don’t despair, as you can do an at-home facial that will do the job just as good.

There are many Korean skincare products that range from cheap to expensive. The expensive products are not as expensive as a department store or high-end products.  When you browse an online Korean skincare store you will be surprised at how cheap some of the products are.

Online, you could buy all the products you need for an at-home, anti-aging facial.  The products we recommend you buy are:

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Day cream
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Sheet Mask (pack or a few)

These items would enable you to have a very nice pampering facial at home, and the bonus is that you can use the products again and again until they run out.

4.Exfoliate 2 Times Per Week Without Fail

As we age our skin cells shedding slows down.  When we are young skin cells naturally shed every 28 days.

This is why younger skin doesn’t look as dry.  As we get older the natural shedding process slows down.

When you are over 50 it is a lot slower and with every passing year it slows down even more.  This is why you must exfoliate at home.

Exfoliating helps to get rid of the dead skin cells that sit on top of the skin.  These dried-up cells make our skin, look dry, thickened, flaky, and old.

Exfoliating helps keep the skin looking fresh and moisturised.

Korean exfoliants are very cheap and do a wonderful job.

You do not need to grind the exfoliant onto your skin, just use a gentle, slightly firm circular motion over your face, neck, upper chest, and on the back of your hands.

Take our advice, do this 2 times per week for a month and you WILL notice an improvement.

5.Use Specific Anti Aging Products

Fortunately, Korean beauty products are very affordable.  Even for women with a small beauty budget, there are many great products online that can be used for women over 50 to help them get younger-looking skin.

Korean skincare products include natural and effective anti aging ingredients.  The most common anti aging ingredients are:

  • Snail Mucin (yes snail mucus)
  • Ginseng
  • Pearl extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin E

You may be surprised to see that snail mucin is at the top of the list.  Snail mucin is fantastic for the skin.

It has wonderful anti-aging properties that help firm and nourish the skin, so please do not be too grossed out!

Take a look at a great range of anti aging snail products here.

If getting older is getting you down, we really recommend that you spend time looking after your skin.  Just because we are over 50 does not mean we have to look old and feel defeated.

Aging is not fun.  Seeing your body change for the worse and your face sag and wrinkle does not feel good.  We all experience it at various points in our lives and getting older is inevitable.

But it is a natural part of life and taking care of ourselves can help us deal with the realities of aging.

Take time to look after yourself.  You are worth your time and effort. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make ourselves feel better.

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

BEST KOREAN ANTI AGING SKIN CARE Korea has some of the best anti aging skin care products in the world.  Don’t believe us?  Do a search on South Korean women and take a look at their skin.  40 year old’s look 20 and 30-year-old look like they are still teenagers.  So...


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Korean Skin Care Routine For Anti Aging

Korean Skin Care Routine For Anti Aging

Aging is part of life, but still, as we get older, we need to protect and care for our skin at all costs. It’s not about being 45 and trying to look 30.

It’s about looking your best and having great skin.

Not everyone wants to go under the knife for a facelift, it is very invasive, and once it’s done there is no turning back.

The Korean skin care routine for anti aging can assist in keeping your skin looking clear and radiant.

The routine is effective in helping your skin become clearer, smoother, and hydrated.

Hydrated skin not only looks better than dehydrated skin, it feels better and is healthier.

In Korea, there is a lot of pressure to maintain the appearance of youth and to keep your skin looking younger.

Koreans are taught to look after their skin from a young age and they work to prevent skin issues from occurring.

It is very common for Koreans to follow a rigorous anti-aging skin care routine that involves using multiple products.

Compared to what is considered the norm in the West, it is more work, but the results are clearly visible.


Must-Have Anti Aging Skin Care Products

1. Use An Oil Based Cleanser

Oil attracts oil, so an oil-based cleanser is extremely effective at removing all types of grime and oil from the skin, like SPF, pollution, and sebum.

2. Applying Facial Essence

In Korea, essences are used every day and are an important part of the antiaging routine.  Essence is not toners but watery-type solutions that are packed full of active ingredients.  They are applied before a serum.

3. Exfoliation

Many women are not aware that skin cells turn over. This is called skin cell renewal.

The new skin cells come from beneath the skin and push forward to the surface.

The skin you see on the surface of your face is comprised of dead skin cells.  Regular exfoliation helps to promote faster skin cell turnover.

When you do not exfoliate regularly you end up with dry, flaky skin.

It may feel rough to touch or dehydrated and wrinkles are more prominent.

All you need to do is add in exfoliating 2 – 3 times per week to improve your skin.

4. Serums, Ampoules or Boosters

Serums are also considered a necessity in Korea.

Serums are thicker than essences and also packed full of active ingredients that target sagging skin, wrinkles, and redness.

They play a significant role in skin care because they target specific conditions of the skin.

Most treatments such as serums, boosters, and ampoules have tested and approved ingredients by professionals.

They have the capacity to treat skin concerns like fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

5. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are the cornerstone of Korean skin care.

They are used after the essence and serums/ampoules or boosters.

They are individual sheets that are drenched in product, which are applied to the face.

It is advisable you leave the sheet mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes as you relax.

6. Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are not a mask (like a sheet mask) but are simply a cream that is applied at night. 

Sleeping masks have a thick consistency and are essential for any woman who needs to target anti aging. 

They seal in moisture and plump up the skin, while you sleep.

7. Treatments

Korean skin care has many different (and slightly unusual) products.

Anti aging products like the one below do seem odd, but the reviews for this product speak for themselves.

We know that any product that is applied to the skin will only have short-term effects and the only permanent solution to a completely smooth face is botox or a facelift.

But many women do not want to go down that path.

Mature skin can still look beautiful. If you look after your skin as you age you will not only look better but will feel more confident as you know you are taking care of yourself and the effort is paying off.

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

BEST KOREAN ANTI AGING SKIN CARE Korea has some of the best anti aging skin care products in the world.  Don’t believe us?  Do a search on South Korean women and take a look at their skin.  40 year old’s look 20 and 30-year-old look like they are still teenagers.  So...


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Korean Skincare For Mature Skin – Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Korean Skincare For Mature Skin – Anti Aging Skin Care Tips


Everyone loves to look their best and having smooth skin in great condition helps you achieve a flawless look at any age.

As we age we now have many more options than our mothers or grandmothers did.

We expect to live a life with good health and good looks too.

Korean skincare for mature skin can help your skin achieve a flawless look and make sure your skin is in good health.

As we age we need to choose the best skin care products for our skin type.

Aging skin in general needs firming treatments, hydration, and exfoliation.

Focusing on products to help you do these 3 things will dramatically improve your skin.



The skin care products from Korea are making a big splash in the anti aging cosmetic industry.

The Koreans are very serious about their skin care, and they know how to get better skin through the application of great products that contain gentle ingredients.



Korean skin care products for mature skin are not harsh or full of chemicals.

Most products, if not all, contain botanical ingredients that help nourish your skin.

If you drink more water and use Korean anti aging products you will see a positive change in your skin tone, feel, and texture.

The common skin care regimen of the West includes the basic steps of cleansing and moisturizing.

But the Koreans follow a multi-step routine, that layers products on top of each other.  Layering products provide maximum hydration and help to improve the skin in every aspect.

Some Korean skin care routines include 6 steps, 8 steps, 10 steps or 12 steps which are done daily.

It’s no surprise that Koreans have flawless skin, many women look much younger than their age.

You may think that a multi-step routine will be too time-consuming for you. We understand that.

If you want to turn back the clock and look fresher and more youthful, you will need to put in some effort every day.

At the very minimum. we recommend that you;

  • Double Cleanse, use an oil-based cleanser first and then a water/foam-based cleanser
  • Exfoliate – 2 – 3 times per week to get rid of dead skin cells and help bring the new skin to the surface
  • Use a sheet mask to treat sagging and wrinkles
  • Use a serum to treat wrinkles and firmness
  • Use a day cream as an extra layer of moisture
  • Use a night cream or sleeping mask to work on sagging, wrinkles, and firmness while you sleep

The Korean anti aging routine will be very beneficial for your skin and within a few short weeks, you will start noticing a positive result.

Some of the Korean anti aging sheet masks are amazing. The snail sheet mask, pearl sheet mask, and ginseng sheet masks are as cheap as chips but work like $100 products.

The golden rule of skincare is to nourish your skin especially as you get older.

As we age we can sometimes feel that there is no point to putting in any effort.  But we should not give up on ourselves and our skin is worth the effort.



1. Exfoliating

Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of our skin.  Dead skin cells build up and make our skin look old, dull, dry, flaky, and rough.

Our skin cells continually renew; they come from the bottom layer of our skin and push to the top outer layer, the layer that we see. This is called skin cell turnover.

As we get older our skin cell turnover slows down. In a baby, the cell turnover takes about two weeks.

In teenagers, it takes about three to four weeks. In our twenties and thirties, it takes about 30 – 40 days.   But after 40, and especially after 50 it can take 45 to 90 days.

Exfoliating twice a week can help you speed up the process and keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated.

2. Use A Sheet Mask

Anti aging Korean sheet masks will become your new best friend.

Not only are they affordable, but they can also make your skin look years younger.

The Koreans use a sheet mask every day, which is a bit too much for some. But using one just 2 times per week will get the job done.

A sheet mask is a once-use product that is shaped like a face and is as thin as paper.

They are packed full of active ingredients like collagen, ginseng, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, and pearl extract.

There is a wide variety of sheet masks to choose from and you will surely find one that is amazing for your skin.

They are very simple to apply; you simply take out a sheet, unfold it and place it onto your face.

There will be a lot of leftover essence on the sheet mask. You should pat the excess onto your neck, chest, and top of your hands.

Then sit back and rest for 15 – 20 minutes.

Sheet masks drench your skin in super hydrating moisture and make it feel and look amazing, which is what mature, aging skin needs.

3. Use A Serum

Serums are very effective. The molecules of a serum are smaller than other beauty creams and lotions.

The molecules are so small that they penetrate the surface of our skin and go deep into the underneath layers of our skin.

Serum ingredients are highly concentrated and active.

When active ingredients can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin you can expect to see a very visible improvement in your skin.

Serums are considered a must-have in Korea.

4. Use A Day Cream And Night Cream (or sleeping mask cream)

Many women are using the same cream day and night.  We don’t recommend this.

We recommend a separate day cream and a night cream that are both nourishing to your skin.

Fortunately, Korean skincare has many affordable products which means you can get both even if you are on a budget.

Sleeping masks are very popular in Korean skin care.

These products are not actual masks but are creams that are applied at night whilst you sleep.

You can use a sleeping mask instead of a night cream and will get great results.

Sleeping masks are very affordable.

Sleeping masks are richer and thicker in consistency and are perfect for aging skin that needs some help.

Korean skincare products for mature skin will help you nurture and care for your skin.

Not only will you see a visible improvement, but you will also be helping your skin to stay in top condition.

Korean anti-aging skincare products are cutting edge.

The Korean beauty industry is impressive and the level of research and development into ingredients, products, and manufacturing enable Korea to make some of the best anti-aging skin care products in the world.

They use the best raw materials and botanical ingredients to make natural products, which can suit all types of skin.

We encourage you to try Korean skincare products for mature skin and follow the simple routine we suggest.

Try it for 30 days and we are positive that you will see and feel an improvement in your skin tone, texture, and firmness.

Korean beauty aims to provide hydration to aging skin and works to protect and strengthen it.

It can help increase skin cell turnover and stimulate skin rejuvenation and recover some of the skin’s lost firmness.



  • Cleanse morning and night
  • Exfoliate 2 x per week
  • Use a sheet mask 2 x per week
  • Use a serum morning and night
  • Use a day cream
  • Use a sunscreen/SPF during the day
  • Use a night cream (or sleeping mask)

The Korean skin care routine for mature skin combined with Korean products can help get your skin into great shape.

Don’t be discouraged if you are older than 50. If you want to find out more on the best Korean anti aging products, read this post.

If you apply the Korean skin care tips you can improve your skin at any age and look more refreshed and younger.

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Products

BEST KOREAN ANTI AGING SKIN CARE Korea has some of the best anti aging skin care products in the world.  Don’t believe us?  Do a search on South Korean women and take a look at their skin.  40 year old’s look 20 and 30-year-old look like they are still teenagers.  So...


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