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Asian cosmetics are big news.  The demand for Asian cosmetics has grown all around the world. The most popular Asian cosmetics are in fact made in Korean by leading cosmetic and skincare beauty brands.  Celebrities have ensured that Asian cosmetics and K Beauty products have become hot sellers and trending across social media since 2011.  Celebrities just like Western women have discovered that Korean products are wonderful.

Many Asian beauty brands make really great products and those products are wrapped up in cute, fun, quirky packaging that makes them stand out from Western brands. The products not only work but look pretty and fun too.

Korean makeup and Korean skin care products are manufactured with the philosophy that all products must nourish the skin, in a natural way.  Many products contain natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals.  This is standard in K Beauty.

Asian Cosmetics Popularity

Asian cosmetics have become popular due the growth of the K Beauty industry.  K Beauty has boomed due to a few things but the main two are great products and the Korean Skin Care routine. The Korean skincare routine is disciplined and thorough and involves multiple steps and multiple products. Korean women are renowned for having flawless skin and Western women who try the K beauty routine find that their skin dramatically improves.

K Beauty promotes healthy, dewy skin. Many Asian cosmetics have lighter formulations than the same Western counterparts. Western beauty does have better products that contain acid/acidic/chemical ingredients, but Korea has better natural, gentle products that get the job done.

Many industry experts say that Korea is 10 years ahead of the world in terms of product research, development and manufacturing compared to other countries.

The Difference Between Asian and Western Beauty

Western women turn to makeup and skincare to cover up or fix a skin problem.  Asian women, especially Korean women, use makeup and skin care to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion.  They use skincare products to help them avoid many of the skin issues that Western women have.

Korean women like to have whiter, lighter skin and use products to help them achieve this.  Western women do favour looking tanned.  The idea of what is beautiful is quite different and so affects what products Korean and Western women buy and use.

The K Beauty industry is leading the way in both Asian cosmetics  and skincare.  South Korea (not North Korea) is where the major beauty research, development and manufacturing is occurring.  South Korea has taken over France in terms of innovation and product development. No other country can compete with them at this point in terms of producing top quality, natural, affordable products.

K Beauty offers a huge variety of affordable cosmetics and skincare products.  The Korean beauty routine can have up to 10 steps or more.  But because the products are affordable many women do buy multiple products and stock up.

You may already have a K Beauty product in your makeup kit or bathroom without knowing it.  K Beauty bought about BB Creams and sheet masks, those products were copied by many major beauty brands around the world…but they both started in Korea.

Popular Korean products contain bee venom, snail mucus and charcoal.  The snail mucin products are really very good and will no doubt make their way into your local store at some point.

Asian cosmetics are very popular also and K Beauty started the cushion compact foundation craze. Other popular Korean cosmetics are Lip tints, lip pumping patches, and serum foundations to help maintain hydration.

If you are concerned with either improving your skin or maintaining the condition that is in you should think about trying out Korean cosmetics and skincare.  The K Beauty philosophy can help you improve your skin and maintain your looks.

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