How To Get Glass Skin

Firstly, what is glass skin? 

Glass skin is ultra dewy, almost glossy and very clear. 

Take a browse through Pinterest to see how beauty lovers are rocking this trend. 

Korean women have the most amazing skin.

They literally look like porcelain dolls; smooth, clear, and blemish-free skin that looks like perfection.

Glass skin is the name for the K-beauty trend helps woman achieve very clear, flawless ‘glass-like’ skin.  

To get glass skin you need to follow a strict routine…

1. Double Cleanse
Use 2 different cleansers.  A cream or oil-based and then a water or foam based one.  Cleanse both morning and night.  Cleansing your face in the morning will help to clear away oil and prepare your skin for the day. Cleansing your face at night will clear your skin of the daily dirt and grime.

2. Exfoliate

Regularly exfoliate your skin twice a week to help keep it super smooth. Exfoliating away the dead skin cells will help to create a skin surface that will help the product you apply penetrate the skin.  Dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin will prevent your serums and creams from penetrating.  So don’t forget to exfoliate!

3. Tone 

Toning you face will help you to achieve an even skin tone and prevent flaky dry skin.

4. Apply Essence

Use an essence to get concentrated nutrients and vitamins into your skin. This helps to hydrate, firm and smooth the skin.


Apply serum to add more concentrated goodness into your skin.

6. Moisturize

Apply moisturizer over the essence.  It is good to layer your product this helps to treat and protect your skin.

7. Apply Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes needs all the TLC it can get!

8. SPF

This is necessary to help you achieve porcelain skin.  Apply sunscreen even in the winter to help avoid premature aging, age spots and wrinkles…all which help you to look older.  

Getting smooth ultra dewy skin involves a strict routine that has many steps including washing, exfoliating, cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizing and then more moisturizing.

It may seem like its too much work, but your efforts WILL BE rewarded with great skin.

K-beauty is the biggest thing to happen to the global beauty industry since the 2000’s.  F

rom black charcoal nose peeling strips to DIY at home face-masks, women around the world love k-beauty and it is safe to safe that they are hooked on it.

Remember on YouTube back awhile,  where people would slather a black mask on their nose, leave it harden then peel it off getting rid of all the gunk that was on their nose?  

Yes?  That was a tried and tested K-beauty routine step used for years by Korean women. 

As K Beauty became more popular more and more K beauty trends emerged on social media…but they have already been around in South Korea for some time.

Another trend that’s been around for a while before it became big, was the 18 carat gold gel eye mask. 

Its new to us, but not women in South Korea.  

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