Looking in the mirror at your skin when it is not looking great is really frustrating.  We all want great skin and to look our best.  When your skin is clear and glowing it does make you look healthier and this gives your confidence a boost.

Whether your skin concern is acne, dryness or sagging skin you can improve the look and feel of your skin through implementing a regular skin care routine and by using good products.

There are many products available online and in stores.  The choice can be confusing and overwhelming…so what type of products and what brands should you choose?  Which ones work?  Whats safe to use?  Whats affordable?  All of these questions help us to make our decision on what we will put on our skin.

This is where we encourage you to try Korean Skin care.  If you know nothing about South Korea, know this…they are obsessed with having the clear skin.  Do a quick Google search on KPop or K beauty…or just Google South Korean pop stars.  Take a look at their skin! Even men have beautiful skin.

South Korea has become a leader in manufacturing beauty products. They have invested millions into research and development and beauty brands have emerged that have taken over the globe. This has occurred because South Korean women care greatly about their skin.  Vogue Australia said:

“Korean women meticulously care for their skin before any damage has been done, and from a very young age. Korean women put a lot of effort into their skin… by knowing about their skin and choosing the best products, right routine and methods.”

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All around the world K Beauty is becoming more popular as people discover that they are the best products to get clear skin.

Why is this so?

Simply its because the products are great. They work and women are getting better skin.  But what so shocking is that the products are NOT EXPENSIVE.  The first time I came across Korean skin care products I thought “will this stuff work as good as expensive products?”

So I took the plunge.  I did an online order for less than $30 AUD, from a popular online Korean Beauty shop.  I ordered mask sheets, cleansers and serums. Then I waited for the delivery to Australia.  The delivery time was fine and the box was packaged well.  And I got a pleasant surprise there were free samples to try other products – which was really nice.

So I started to try the products and the biggest shock I got was using the mask sheets(face masks). They were fantastic!

I did buy the snail mask sheet which grossed me out slightly but my skin looked and felt great after it.  My family actually commented on how good my skin looked, so the results were visible. I also bought a pearl mask sheet which my 8yr old daughter used (she wanted to be part of the fun!) and it didn’t irritate her very sensitive skin.


What Others Are Saying…

The treatments are simple, one-use cotton masks that come pre-soaked in luxurious-feeling serums that promise everything from bouncy, brighter skin to tighter pores. The serums boast a wide range of ingredients, from everyday ingredients like aloe vera and seaweed to fancier fixings like snail mucin, swiftlet nest extract, and bee venom. Some are even printed with animal faces, so you can really get in touch with your inner panda while you chill. No, really, you should definitely upload that Friday night selfie to Tinder! Wild.

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Facial masks are the beauty must-haves of the moment. With new technologies and formulations, results are immediate and noticeable. From rubber masks to cream masks to sheet masks, the choices are endless so we’ve rounded up a few of our top picks to help you look smoother, brighter and fresher.

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Korean skin care really is the best and most affordable way to get the best products to get clear skin. The Korean skin care routine is quite involved and uses a fair few products (but the results are worth it). Do you need to get beautiful skin fast?  Find out HOW here.  If you have not tried Korean skin care…you NEED to!