How To Get Beautiful Skin Fast

We all want beautiful skin. It is considered a sign of natural beauty.  There really is no country where the average men and women have great skin than, South Korea!  South Koreans have flawless, youthful skin.  Korean skin care is their secret weapon and now it is available to women all around the world.

Korea is a global leader in skin care. The industry has boomed and has taken over France as the market leader.  But the big difference between Korean and French products is the price. Korean skin care is so affordable.  This is due to the fact that the demand in South Korea is so high.  South Koreans place a very high value on looking young, having clear skin and looking good. 

The industry has supplied the demand and there is a large amount of products and brands to choose from.  This is great news for women as we can get salon quality results from products that we use at home.

Korean beauty is called K Beauty. And if you do a quick search on K beauty you will see how popular it is.  The big difference between K beauty and western beauty is that K beauty layers products and the skin care routine has many steps.  A K beauty routine can be 6, 8, 10 or 12 steps.  The routine is done in the morning and night.  You do need to be disciplined to follow the Korean skin care routine, but the results will speak for themsleves.  Your skin will look the best it has ever looked.

The K Beauty routine inlcludes serums, ampoules and essence.  These are products that are layered on top of each other and provide maximum moisture while treating your skin type.  Your skin type maybe dry, aging or oily.  There are many fantastic serums and essences that can help you get your best skin.

Life & Style have an interesting article on serums…these are Korea’s secret weapon to beautiful skin!


Read a few snippets below:

Korean beauty brands are often well known for their dedication to high-quality, result-driven ingredients. This means you won’t find things like parabens, tar colorant, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, or polyacrylamide in The Face Shop’s White Seed Brightening Serum. It works for all skin types, but it gives special attention to babes with dull skin. If your face is feeling a little lackluster, smoothing on a layer of this will restore its tone and plump it back out. It’s a complexion saver that should be in every makeup bag, because, let’s be real, your skin only deserves the best.

The word “snail” might be the last thing you want to see on your skin-care product labels. But we can assure you as weird (and gross) as it sounds, snail mucin is a potent ingredient that kicks signs of aging in the butt. K Collection’s Snail Intensive Helix Mucin Anti Aging Serum can help firm, brighten, smooth, and hydrate your complexion. After slathering it on for a couple weeks, you’ll be more shook by the results than what’s actually in the serum.

(Yes we were shocked when we received our snail serum, but that all changed when we saw the results!  Now we love snail serum!)

Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are like the Gigi and Kendall of the skin-care world. They’re fab on their own, do equally cool things, but work fabulously when paired together (hey, we think it’s a pretty good comparison). Vitamin C helps brighten and defend against harmful UV rays and other nasty free radicals, while hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates like no other. Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum partners these two together for a killer combo that not only helps with anti-aging, but can clear breakouts and shrink pores.

Cystic acne, hormonal breakouts, constant zits, and you know… any kind of blemish, in general, is the worst. When it comes to a great skin-care routine, anti-aging is fab and all, but if a product can also keep acne at bay, sign us up. Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella Asiatica Ampoule just so happens to fit that bill. Centalla asiatica is a plant that’s been found to heal wounds, and more specifically, problems with skin. Some studies have discovered that it stimulates collagen production and the development of blood vessels. But you can leave the science behind it to the formula, you just have to smooth a layer on after washing your face before applying moisturizer and voilà! Gorgeous skin.

For the full article go here: 13 Best Korean Serums for Flawless Skin – Life & Style

Korean skincare has the BEST and most affordable skin care products on the market.  The serums for all skin types are amazing.  

How to get beautiful skin fast…

Have you ever heard of glass skin? 

Glass skin is really clear, dewy skin that looks glossy. It is flawless. When you have glass skin you do not need to wear loads of make up, because your skin is so clear and dewy.   Below is a video by First Skin which shows a Glass Skin Tutorial. 

If you want clearer skin and want to get rid of redness and dark patches then you NEED to check out Korean skin care.  The choice of Korean skin care products is amazing, the affordability is amazing and the results will be amazing too!