Korean Facials – Why Are They So Good?

Why Korean facials are so much better than western facials.

Most western women view having a facial as a luxury or a splurge. It would involve making a booking at a salon, choosing a certain type of facial and paying quite a bit of money for it.

Korean women take a totally different approach.  Yes they do have salons but many Korean women do their own DIY facials at home.

How can a DIY Korean facial compare to a salon facial?

As we know the cost of facials in a western country is not cheap.  You would be paying on average about $100 or more.  In South Korea the price is on average $30 – $75.

Whats The Difference?

One major difference in attitude towards beauty is that Korean women make DIY facials a part of their weekly routine, whereas western women see them as luxuries and something that you do not have done all the time.

A standard western facial usually includes a double cleanse, followed by an exfoliation. Then a steam vaporiser is used to open pores, possibly an extraction of blackheads is done, then a mask is left on for 15 – 20 minutes and finally a moisturizer is applied.  This is standard salon procedure.  If you stuck to this routine every week your skin would definitely look amazing and be healthier than doing nothing.

A Korean facial also begins with a double cleanse, followed by an exfoliator and a toner.  The next steps are what separates Korean facials from Western facials.

After the toner an ampoule or essence is applied, followed by a sheet mask, then a serum and then moisturizer.  And lastly a SPF cream.

Phew!  That is a lot of steps and a lot of products!  BUT a 10 step Korean facial gets results and our skin will look better and feel better.

Korean facials layer product.  This enables one facial to treat multiple concerns, whether it’s aging, acne or dehydration.

Korean facials also include applying product to neck, décolletage (chest area).  I also like to include the back of the hands as well.

Our hands can take a beating; we wash dishes, use cleaning products and wash our hands so much that all the moisture is gone.  When you are young your hands can still look good.  After 40 the skin thins as the fat stored in the back of our hands becomes less which makes the veins and bumps more visible and protrude. Combine that with dry skin and you can be a 45 year old with the hands of 60 year old.

Multiple Products Layered Onto The Skin

The beauty of Korean facials is that a 10 step facial can be done at home.  The Korean skin care industry is a major force in the manufacture of skin care and treatments and they produce very affordable products.

A simple sheet mask may cost you $2 and a snail cream $15.  Its super affordable and the quality very high.

If your income does not allow you to spend $100 plus on a facial, but you want to look after your skin, you need to look at Korean skin care.  More and more western women are discovering how great the products are and getting very favourable results.

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