When it comes to our skin we all wish we could use the latest skincare and the best brands.

But in the West, what is considered the best is usually the highest price.  In Korea, this is not true.

Korean skincare is cheaper and better.  Koreans have the best skin care in the world.

If you want to put time and effort into your skin, but are on a budget, you NEED to seriously check out Korean skincare.

There are many reasons why women all over the world love Korean skincare, and here are a few of ours:


1.Korean Skincare Is Like… having a salon facial at home every day

Many Korean skincare products are salon-quality.

You can do your own DIY facials at home just as well as if you paid good money at a salon.

Now, we are not saying you should stop going to a salon for specialized treatments or cosmetic procedures.

But your consistent at-home facials will better prepare your skin for more advanced treatments and contribute to good skin health.

Korean skincare brands are amazing and offer really great products for all skin types and ages.  Some of the brands that have gained worldwide (and celebrity) recognition are:

Banila Co, Benton, COSRX, Etude House, Heimish, Huxley, Innisfree, Laneige, Leaders, Missha, Mizon, Neogen, Pyungkang Yuk, Thank You Farmer…and the list goes on.

2.Cheap Products Doesnt Equal Poor Quality

You may browse in an online Korean beauty shop and think that the products are too cheap to work.  But this is not true.

Don’t judge too quickly!

The Korean skin care industry is the world leader in research and development as well as manufacturing products.

The Korean people, men, and women are very picky about the products they use.

The whole country is practically obsessed with looking young, even the men.

The whole country wants great products and manufacturers have risen to the challenge.

3.If You Think Your Skin Cannot Improve…you’re wrong

Whatever your skin type or skin concern there is a K Beauty product for you.

In fact not one product, but many.

Unless you are already doing the Korean skincare 10 step routine your skin will improve from using K Beauty products.

Whether it’s improved clarity or glow.

Or, if your skin is in a bad state, due to acne or dehydration, don’t think that it’s beyond help.

Many K Beauty products use natural ingredients and are gentle.

Koreans do not like harsh products and their philosophy towards beauty is more nurturing than that of the West.

4.You Will Have Fun Using The Products

Korean skincare and beauty products are quirky, cute, and fun.

But don’t think that because the packaging is cute that it won’t work.

5.Don’t Be Afraid To Try Different Products…your skin will love you for it

There are so many products to try. What you may find the hardest is choosing what products to try, they all seem so tempting.

They all look really interesting; sheet masks, sleeping masks, pimple patches, sleeping masks, and snail products.

As Korean skin care is so affordable you can mix and match products and have fun experimenting to find what products give you the best results and make a visible impact.


“The Korean skin care craze has become popular for a few reasons, it’s really quite simple.  The K beauty anti-aging skincare products work, they are affordable and you can use them at home”. Chrissy, Editor, Korean-Skincare, recommends K Beauty products to maintain youthful and glowing skin.

best korean beauty shop for kbeauty products


This Korean beauty shop offers great products that get rave reviews…

best Korean beauty shop for K beauty products fast shipping



If you want great skin you need great products.

The best Korean shop for online skincare and beauty products is…StyleKorean.


When choosing a Korean shop online to buy beauty products from, you want a company that is experienced in international sales and shipping and is set up well.

The StyleKorean online shop always has a sale and there are many great products to be snapped up.

I often daydream about jumping on a plane and going to South Korea and enjoying a massive K Beauty shop.

How much product could I fit into my suitcase without setting off alarm bells at customs?

And how much money would I need to get a years’ worth of products?

But the truth is I am not going to be jetting off to Seoul, South Korea because I have family and commitments…so it just isn’t going to happen.

So I have spent hours researching online and looking for the best Korean shop for beauty products.

Just like most K Beauty lovers, I have fallen in love with Korean Skin Care products. For more on K Beauty check out this post.

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