Discover How To Dramatically Improve Your Skin Using The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

The Korean skin care routine is why Korean women have shockingly flawless skin.

Take a look at Korean celebrities and K Beauty stars they all have baby like skin.  BUT it’s not just the celebrities that have great skin. 

The average Korean man and woman also have flawless skin and many look a lot younger that their age. 

Having flawless, young looking skin is considered beautiful in Korea. 

They are not fond of tanning or heavy makeup, the desired look is dewy, light and fresh. 

The Korean skincare industry has provided excellent products that help Korean women achieve their ideal look. 

In fact South Korea has taken over France as the leader in the natural cosmetics industry. 

The Korean skin care routine is very different to the beauty routine that Western and European women follow. 

The Western routine aims to fix a problem rather than prevent it and many products contain chemicals.  Korean products are based on plants and nature and nourish the skin while treating skin concerns. The aim is to avoid any major skin problems. 

If you follow the Korean skin care routine your skin can greatly improve.

The Korean Skin Care Routine works due to 3 very distinct and unique factors;

  1. The Korean skin care routine is very disciplined
  2. Korean skin care products include ingredients that follow the rules of eastern medicine; they heal, regenerate and nourish (In Eastern cultures food is medicine and this also applies to skin care)
  3. The Korean skin care routine layers products

The most common Korean beauty routine involves 10 steps.

To Western and European woman this sounds like a lot of work.  But we advise you to give it a try for 4 weeks and see the results for yourself. You will be shocked.

The 10 Step Routine

Korean Skin Care Routine Oil Cleanser Step 1

Step 1 Oil Cleanser

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply an oil based cleanser to dry skin massage in and rinse off.  Wipe off with tissue cotton balls or soft face cloth. 

Why: An oil based cleanser will gently remove all oil based products like sunscreen, make up and oil.

korean skin care routine Water Cleanse Step 2

Step 2 Water Cleanser

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply foam or water based cleanser to wet skin.  Rinse and wipe off excess with tissue, cotton balls or soft face cloth.

Why:  This is called a double cleanse in the beauty industry. Water based cleansers will remove dirt and impurities.  A double cleanse will leave your skin the cleanest it has ever been!

korean skin care routine Exfoliate Step 3

Step 3 Exfoliate

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to fingers and gently rub in circular motion on face.  Add water to emulsify.  You can use either an exfoliating wipe or scrub. Experiment and find what you like best.

Why:  Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells and removes the dull top layer of skin. Regular exfoliation encourages skin cell turnover which makes your skin look fresher and more dewy.  Oily/combination skin types can gently exfoliate 2 times per week.  Sensitive skin types should only exfoliate 1 time per week.  Remember to be gentle with your skin!

best korean skincare toner


Step 4 Toner

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply toner to cotton wool ball and wipe/pat over face.

Why: Western and European women often skip toner.  Toner preps the skin for the rest of the products. It removes any traces of dead skin and balances the skins Ph level.

korean skin care routine toner Step 4


Step 5 Essence

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to finger tips and pat onto the face.  Do not rub.

Why: Essences are more watery than creams or serums and are easily absorbed.  They are the key to the Korean beauty routine as they treat different skin care concerns.  Essences are quite watery so be careful when using so it doesn’t all spill between your fingers.

Korean Skin Care Routine Serums Step 6

Step 6 Serums

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to finger tips and pat onto the face.  Do not rub.

Why: This step is where you treat specific skin care concerns.  It is another layer that treats a concern.  

“Korean skin care products use natural food based ingredients formulated around ancient Eastern philosophies”.

korean skin care routine sheet mask step 7

Step 7 Mask Sheet

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply sheet to face and relax.  Read the instructions on the packet to see the recommended time that you need to leave the sheet on your face.

Why:  Masks treat specific skin care concerns and problems.  There are masks to brighten, hydrate, moisturize or treat acne.  They are suprisingly effective!

Korean SKin Care Routine Eye Cream Step 8

Step 8 Eye Cream

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to skin underneath the eye.  Gently pat and press the cream in.  Do not rub, do not pull or tug your skin.

Why: Treats the soft, delicate skin under the eyes for specific concerns like dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.

korean skin care routine face cream step 9

Step 9 Face Cream

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to finger tips and gently pat onto the face.  Do not rub or pull your skin.

Why: This step locks in the skin’s moisture and all the goodness of the previous layers. Do not worry that you have too much on your skin, your skin is going to look and feel amazing.  

korean skin care routine SPF step 10

Step 10 SPF

How & Why You Need To Do This:

How: Apply to finger tips and gently pat onto the face.  Do not rub or pull your skin

Why: Sunscreen protects your skin and helps to stop sun damage.  Sun damaged skin does look older and dryer, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen over your face cream and under your makeup.

“We do not recommend using a face cream that has a sunscreen in it.  Why? Because the molecules in face and eye cream are smaller then sunscreen molecules and are designed to penetrate into the skin and be absorbed to provide moisture from the inside out.  The molecules in sunscreen are larger then our pores and designed to sit on top of the skin to help deflect damaging UV light.  Therefore using a separate face moisturizer and sunscreen provides better sun protection”.

Skin care and cosmetics products made in South Korea are part of the fast growing K Beauty industry.  Women all over the globe who try Korean beauty products are surprisingly shocked at the results.

The Korean 10 Step Routine is all about pampering, healing, treating and nourishing the skin.

We challenge you to try it for 2 weeks and see the difference!  

Women of all nationalities are getting remarkable results by following this routine and find that they can wear less make up as their skin looks clearer, fresher and naturally dewy.

Yes it is work and you do need a number of products, BUT Korean skin care is not expensive.  If you have acne, wrinkles or your skin does not look fresh then give Korean Skin care a try….you will not be disappointed!

You can greatly improve your skin using the Korean Beauty Routine, start your journey to great skin today!


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