Korean Skin Care Tips For Acne

The Korean skincare acne routine use a combination of products such as mild exfoliants, serums, spot treatments and ampoules. It also uses gentle toners, cleansers and moisturizers that do not clog pores or irritate already sensitive skin. Treating your acne needs patience and care. Using many abrasive, strong products can irritate your skin and make your acne worse because your skin becomes more inflamed. Our Korean skin care tips for acne will help inform you of how you can successfully treat your acne at home.

Below are the Korean skin care tips for acne treatment.


It is recommended that you double cleanse your skin with low PH cleansers. We advise the 1st cleanse to be an oil based cleanse and the 2nd cleanse to be a foam or water based cleanse. If you wear long lasting makeup or sunscreen, they can both be difficult to remove in a one1 step cleanse.  For the 1st cleanse do not be afraid to use an oil based cleanser.  You will not be adding more oil into the skin. If you suffer from dry skin as well as acne, an oil based cleanser is a good choice for you.  Oil based cleansers gently break down eye makeup and foundation and do not require us to scrub or pull at our skin.  Oil based cleansers help to soothe skin, so they are nothing to be afraid of. Removing makeup and grime is much asier and more gentle using an oil based cleanser.

The 2nd cleanse should be a foam or water based cleanser and the role of the 2nd cleanse is to remove all traces of the oil based cleanser.  Cleansing should be done both in the morning and at night.


This step helps to stimulate blood circulation, remove dead, dry skin cells and also improve cell turnover. Regular exfoliation does lead to glowing and radiant more radiant skin. Those who have acne should not worry that exfoliation will make your acne worse. Gentle exfoliation helps to reduce breakouts by keeping pores free from debris.  It also helps to remove puss, flaky skin and excess oil.  Gentle exfoliation will not strip your skin of its natural oil.


Toning is important as it balances the skin pH, clears pores and removes dirt. Apply toners that are gentle and also contain antioxidants that can hydrate and heal your skin. Use a cotton pad to apply the toner into your face and allow it to absorb. Skipping this step will reduce the effectiveness of your routine.


Essence is the Korean skin care secret weapon! Essences are like water and applied to the face either by patting it onto the skin or by using a cotton ball.  There are many Korean acne essences.   Essences are very light on the skin and easily penetrate into the dermis (top layer of the skin).  We advise using an essence for any skin type or condition.

5.Mask Sheet

Masks Sheets are face masks that contain the product on a cloth type sheet that is applied to the face.  The sheet is in the shape of a face with eye, nose and mouth holes and they can be adjusted to fit most face sizes.  These are also another Korean skin care secret weapon.  There are many mask sheets that can help treat your acne. They are a once use product, but they are extremely affordable and the cheap price makes them an easy addition into your acne treatment beauty routine.  You apply the mash sheet to clean dry skin and sit back and relax for 20 or so minutes.  Any excess product can be applied to neck, decolletage and back of hands.  They can be used in the morning or evening and are a must before a special event.


Serums contain tiny molecules that address specific skin concerns. You can apply one or more serums depending on your specific skin needs. Those who want to treat multiple skin concerns can apply one serum in the morning and a different one at night.  Serums are light and therefore absorb into the skin quickly.

7.Eye cream

This is a vital step since the eye area is delicate and therefore requires special care. The skin around the eye is thin and consequently vulnerable to dehydration. Eye creams contain ingredients that slow down aging, provide moisture to the area and minimize dark circles. Do not rub or massage your eye area but instead pat and press the cream under your eye. It is advisable not to apply it close to your eyes because he cream can make its way into your eye and cause irritation and watery eyes. Apply creams in the morning and night.


Moisturizers hydrate the skin and seal in the moisture. Moisturizers should be light to avoid over hydration. Moisturizers that contain snail extracts are highly recommended in the Korean skin care routine because the snail mucus helps to improve the appearance of fine line and also reduce blemishes. Try not to think about the fact that you are applying snail goo on your skin!


It is in important that you protect your skin by applying sunscreen at the end of the morning routine. The molecules in sunscreen are larger than those that are in a face cream.  Many people do not understand why you need to use a separate sunscreen.  Face cream is measnt to be absorbed into the skin, and the molecules are small enough to penetrate.  Sunscreen is designed to sit on the skin to protect against UVA and UVB rays.  We also advise using a foundation that contains some SPF to add another layer of protection against the sun.

We hope our Korean skin care tips for acne gave you some useful information to consider on how to best treat your acne and pimples.  If you have blackheads please read this post.  By putting in some regular effort and following a simple acne routine you can improve the look and condition of your skin.