Korean Skincare Trends

Korean Skin Care Trends

Do you want perfect skin without paying for hefty salon visits?  Korean Skin care is leading the way in the beauty industry and making products that can help you get the flawless skin that you want.  We love Korean skincare products and these Korean Skincare trends for 2018 will help you dramatically improve your skin at a fraction of your local salons price!

Below is a list of Korean beauty products that will be BIG in 2018 and beyond!

Products That Help Repair & Protect & Strengthen The Skin Barrier

Ok…so what does this actually mean? This means that products are applied that help heal, nourish, repair and strengthen the outer layer of your skin.  When our skin is healthy it does a better job of keeping all the bad stuff out, like pollutants. Having products that help to do this keep our skin in tip top condition.

Multi-Purpose Mask Sheets

Yay! Mask Sheets or Face Masks…we love them. If you have used mask sheets we don’t need to tell you how great they are.  But in 2018 mask sheets will serve more than 1 function and treat more than 1 skin concern.  Mask sheets provide excellent hydration but imagine how great they will be if they can also provide a gentle peel or mini face lift!  Its coming!

Convenient Peel Off Products

Think temporary tattoo products like lip tints and eye brow tints as well as face masks. Peel off products are so handy and very manageable to do at home.  Literally a salon treatment that you can do yourself.  Peel off Eye brow tints have already appeared on my Facebook and Instagram feed and they are only the start.  Imagine doing your own peel off lip tint that will the weekend?  We cant wait for these type of products!

Pollution Fighting Skin Care

These types of products will not only provide extreme hydration that is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients but they will also help to keep the bad stuff out. Pollution can definitely dull your skin, especially if you live in a big city that is producing lots of car fumes and smoke. This type of skin care is geared towards improving your skin health and keeping it in tip top shape by fighting pollution.

Natural Acne Treatments

These products use natural ingredients instead of chemicals to help treat the acne break out and heal the skin.  Women are becoming more aware of toxins and chemicals in our everyday lives. Acne is no laughing matter and it can be really difficult to get rid of.  Natural acne treatments will use nature to help clear your skin.

South Korea is manufacturing some very amazing beauty and skin care products.  Who knows what they will make in 5 – 10 years?  The products are of a very high standard and available online and in stores.  Online does seem to offer the best prices and the product comes direct form Korea.  Many online stores offer free worldwide shipping or rates that are affordable. 

Check out our Top 5 products hereIf you are thinking about trying out Korean skin care products we encourage you to do so.  They do provide value for money and results that are just as good, sometimes better than products that cost 10 times more.

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