Korean Whitening Cream…Does It Really Work?

Koreans love light, pearly, dewy skin and K Beauty products can help you attain that look too. 

In Korea whitening creams are not used to whiten the skin but they are also used to even out skin tone, skin color and brighten a dull skin tone. 

This gives the appearance of lighter and brighter skin.  You may not want to lighten your skin colour but maybe you have some uneven color or patches of skin that are uneven that you want to correct. 

Korean whitening creams can help you.

Even as we age, we may find that a whitening cream is beneficial. 

Many women who had clear skin in their youth suddenly develop redness on their cheeks that won’t go away, when they start to go through peri-menopause or menopause. 

It can be very distressful when your cheeks both have a red like patch on them due to mid life hormonal changes…trust me I know!

Korea has a great selection of whitening creams that can help to even out your skin.  There are a wide variety of whitening creams;

  • Overnight creams
  • Scented or unscented
  • A night cream, day cream or face mask

If your skin is red or has red or dark patches you should look into Korean whitening creams.  They do help to even out uneven skin and reduce redness and marks.

K beauty skin care products are not expensive.  Many people buy SKII products which are very expensive and not affordable for women on a budget. Yes those products do work, but many women cannot afford them.

K Beauty has many products that are just as good as their competitors. 

If you choose to buy K Beauty products understand that you are not missing out on quality, simply because you are paying less.  In fact it’s the opposite, you are buying great quality products at an affordable price.

One of the reasons why K beauty is on the rise is because it’s affordable for everyday people to use the products.

skin whitening and lightening

What you need to know about Korean whitening creams

Many people confuse whitening creams with skin bleaching. 

They are not the same.  Whitening Creams do not bleach the skin.

Whitening creams do not contain the necessary ingredients to strip the skin of its natural pigmentation. 

As stated above Koreans do value flawless, bright, pearly skin that looks luminous. 

That’s what Korean skin whitening creams can help you achieve.  Skin that is luminous, brighter and more even.

You will not be able to lighten dark skin enough to make it look white. An at home cream cannot change your skin from a dark skin tone to a skin toner that is 5 shades lighter. 

To achieve actual skin lightening you need to do skin bleaching which we do not recommend you try yourself. For that you should seek professional advice.

Regardless of what colour your skin is, you should love it…and but maybe a little Korean glow  would help!

Go here for more K beauty tips.  

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