Korean Makeup

Korean makeup and cosmetics are so popular and there are good reasons why.  In Korea skincare comes first and all Korean makeup is formulated with ingredients that are beneficial to our skin.  In Korea having beautiful clear skin is a sign of beauty and great skincare is what they are well known for.

Another reason why Korean makeup is so popular is that its cheap and you can afford to experiment with different products without breaking the bank.  Even though Korean makeup is low cost it is highly advanced as Korea is a high-tech country and they have applied that technology to their beauty industry.  A $15 product in Korea can perform just as well as an $80 one in the US or Australia. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are buying rubbish or low quality products.  The makeup and skincare is high quality.

Korean Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics are made with many botanical and natural ingredients.  They are no chemical bombs and are very good for your skin.  Korean makeup brands get that women don’t want a cocktail of chemicals on their faces.

Korean Makeup is advanced

Another reason Korean makeup and cosmetics is sooo good is that the technology, research and development is ahead of what is occurring around the rest of the world.  Korea is the market leader in the production of face sheet masks and also an innovator in serums and skin treatments…all of which are affordable and can be delivered to your front door!
It contains Jeju volcanic clusters which absorbs the sebum while cleansing the pores and moisturizing the skin.  It is gently massaged in and then rinsed off.  it leaves skin feeling cleaner and less clogged without drying it out. We recommend using the Blackhead Wash Cleaner. This is a very handy tool that looks similar to a toothbrush.It is used to gently massage the blackhead area at one end and on the other is a simple extraction tool to dislodge debris from within the pores.

Below are some popular and highly rated Korean makeup products by Heimish brand

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