How To Get Really Clear Skin If You Have Acne

How To Get Really Clear Skin If You Have Acne

How To Get Really Clear Skin

The West and in particular America’s obsession with Korean beauty isn’t anything new and if you didn’t know that already…then you need to know about K beauty asap! 

South Koreans are known to have beautiful skin, and today this post discusses how to get really clear skin using the Korean skin care routine, if you have acne.

K beauty is all about using multiple products and layering products to give maximum moisture to the skin.

Even though you have acne your skin still needs to be moisturized.  Oily skin can still be dry skin.  Dehydration can be caused by a lack of oil or water.  

The aim of Korean skincare for acne and pimples is to eliminate bacteria, reduce redness and treat excess oil in the skin, all in a gentle way. 

Acne skin is sensitive especially if you are squeezing pimples and constantly touching your face.  Its very easy to spread bacteria from 1 pimple to the rest of your face.

If have acne or pimples and you need to get clear, flawless looking skin for an event or occasion like your wedding day, then start this beauty routine asap! 

If you started this routine 6 weeks before your wedding day, your skin will be flawless and glowing on your special day.

So, keep on reading to know how you too can get flawless skin using the multistep K-Beauty process.

1. Oil cleanse

The first step to getting clear skin begins with removing all make up with an oil based cleanser to get out all gunk and grime.

Don’t worry about using an oil based cleanser as a first step in this routine.  It will not make your skin oilier.

Massage it all over your face and neck, and then emulsify (add water) to the cleanser using lukewarm water.

Gently massage again and  rinse off.  Then using cotton balls or a soft wash cloth wipe off the cleanser. 

2. Water based cleanse

Next is a second cleanse with a water based or foam cleanser. Look for a cleanser with Tea Tree, Lemon or Salicylic Acid.  Apply to face and gently massage. 

This will remove all traces of the oil based cleanser.  Then again wipe off with cotton balls, tissue or soft wash cloth. 

This is a double cleanse and will leave your skin very clean and free from any makeup, dirt, bacteria or grime. 

3. Exfoliate

This step should be done 2 or 3 times a week, but don’t exfoliate every day. 

If your skin is highly irritated, red, has weeping acne or pimples or is sensitive, then just exfoliate once per week until it becomes under control. 

You need to remove the dead skin cells from your face, they only make your skin look dull and dry. 

Look for an exfoliant that does not have harsh, scratchy grains in it.  You do not want to micro cut sore, irritated skin.  Many acne exfoliants contain beads or very fine grains that don’t cut or scrape the skin. 

Look for products with Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree in them.

4. Toner

The purpose of the toner is to dampen your skin, bring a balance to the pH levels, and remove dead skin cells.  The creams you apply after your toner will perform better on skin that has been toned. Just pour an amount onto your hands and pat it onto your skin.

5. Essence

Essence is at the very heart of the Korean skin care routine as it helps in cell turnover and skin repair.

It is watery in texture and is quickly absorbed.  Apply the essence to your face and gently pat it in.

There are many essences that help to treat acne.  

6. Sheet Mask or Face Mask

Sheet masks are the soul of Korean skincare. They are a genius idea that are super easy to apply and really help to get clear, glowing skin.

All you have to do is put one on your face and relax for 20-30 minutes. For acne prone skin choose a mask that contains Tea Tree, Lemon, Volcanic Ash and if you have acne scars…snail jelly.

7. Serum

The next step is to add a serum that treats acne. This an extra layer to your routine that will pay off.

Again anything that contains Tea Tree, lemon, Salicylic acid will help.  At night you could use a serum that contains aloe to help the skin heal and repair. 

You do not have to use the same one day and night.  Serums allow you to layer your skin care products and treat multiple issues at once.

8. Eye cream

You must use eye cream to hydrate and protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

Gently apply the cream around the orbital bone. Be sure to avoid the water line unless you want to spend some time with watery eyes!

You don’t get acne around your eyes, so find use a very moisturizing eye cream.

9. Moisturize

Yes after all that we do apply a moisturizer over all the layered products. Don’t worry it’s not too much product to have on your skin.  This steps locks in the moisture.  

10. Sun protection

We recommend using a sun cream on top of your moisturizer. 

Why?  The molecules in a sunscreen are designed to sit on the surface of the skin as they are larger in size compared to a moisturizer, serum or essence. 

The molecules in a moisturizer, serum and essence are small enough to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, a sunscreen is not designed for this.  Gently pat an SPF cream over your face and neck. 

Don’t forget to use sun protection every time you step out of home as you are helping to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

You may look at all the steps and be thinking ‘that’s just too much work”!  But we dare you to try it for 2 weeks and then simplify the routine down to a few steps.

A disciplined routine that clears the bacteria, heals the sore skin and controls oil is the best way to treat acne for most people.  If you want more info on the best acne treatment read this post

If you do need to go on acne medication make sure to ask your Doctor what skin care ingredients you need to avoid. 

Some ingredients are a contraindication to acne medications, meaning they have to be avoided.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

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